Ganga Propmart

Real Estate Consultant

Investing your money into a real estate property is a big decision as it requires spending your years of savings. Before doing a real estate transaction, it is very important to seek consultation of some experts who can guide you into grabbing a good deal.

We, Ganga Propmart, with the help of our decade long experience into real estate market provide wise and effective consultation to people for buying, selling, renting and leasing of real estate properties. Our office is located in Greater Noida; you can visit anytime to get consultation regarding any real estate deal and we will be happy to serve you.


Property Management Services

If you are living outside in some other state or some other country and are worried about your property, then you can hopefully count on us. We, Ganga Propmart, provide complete property management services to the clients. There are risks in leaving your property, without being maintained. You never know what may happen to your property in your absence and solely keeping it in the hands of tenants is not a wise idea. We manage every kind of commercial, residential, industrial property for our clients and help them to live carefree outside their city. We ensure that the tenants pay the rent on time and also we check property on regular basis and provide maintenance accordingly. Contact us to hire our services; we are located in Greater Noida.

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